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The Pennsylvania Public Health Information Clearinghouse
The Pennsylvania Public Health & Addictions Information Clearinghouse operates as the information clearinghouse and referral center for the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. In a statewide effort to promote healthy lifestyles for all Pennsylvanians, the Clearinghouse’s mission is to serve as a resource center and provide a wide range of health-related information.
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AA at a Glance285958
About "Crack" Cocaine285969
About Addiction285960
About Addiction Relapse- What You Should Know285961
About Alcohol and Other Drugs285993
About Alcohol and Violence285964
About Cocaine285966
About Dual Diagnosis285971
About Meth285975
About On-The-Job Substance Abuse285976
Al-Anon Is For You!285989
Alateen Is For You!285990
Alcohol and Energy Drinks: Dead Asleep Before You Know It.319918
Alcohol Poisoning (Wallet Card - Female)284999
Alcohol Poisoning (Wallet Card -Male)285999
Alcoholism-A Treatable Disease286007
Alcoholismo: Aprenda la Realidad286008
Amphetamines: Excessive Speed286010
Amphetamines: Excessive Speed, Spanish315123
Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids: Nothing comes for nothing286011

Note: Due to changes in programs and a restructuring of the Clearinghouse, the Bureau of Health Promotion and Risk Reduction (BHPRR) will no longer distribute materials through the Public Health Information Clearinghouse. If you have questions concerning the materials that were previously distributed through the Clearinghouse, contact BHPRR - (717) 787-6214   

1-877-PA-HEALTH, Option 9
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