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The Pennsylvania Public Health Information Clearinghouse
The Pennsylvania Public Health & Addictions Information Clearinghouse operates as the information clearinghouse and referral center for the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. In a statewide effort to promote healthy lifestyles for all Pennsylvanians, the Clearinghouse’s mission is to serve as a resource center and provide a wide range of health-related information.

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AA at a Glance285958
About Alcohol and Other Drugs (currently unavailable)285993
Accreditation and Certification Regs for Lead Abatement(N/A)
Al-Anon Is For You!285989
Alcoholismo: Aprenda la Realidad286008
Amphetamines: Excessive Speed286010
Amphetamines: Excessive Speed, Spanish315123
Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids: Nothing comes for nothing286011

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